Risk Management

Risk Based Auditing

Allows identification of your risks together with assessment of the suitability of the related control measures and input / automatic follow-up of audit recommendations. MIMS RM is designed to enable the internal audit team to ensure that the principal risks are continually re-ranked, in order to build up to date audit programmes and that opinions on control measures are recorded and acted upon.

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  • Capture the organisational (partnership and process) structure within which the risks exists
  • Filter the risk register to identify risks with common characteristics
  • Identify risks according to their business impact
  • Risk Appetite – impact / scope / reputation etc
  • Key process time to impact / halt / repair
  • Any ‘whistle blowing’ occurrences
  • Continually update the audit programme to reflect the changing conditions
  • Evaluate and record opinions on the fitness for purpose of the control measures
  • Improving actions are allocated to individuals and automatic aide memoires are provided by email
  • Audit reports (and other electronic documents) may be attached
  • A range of standard reports and a bespoke reporting wizard are available
  • Reports may be exported in arrange of formats including Excel and PDF
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