Risk Management

Business Continuity

All risks can be cross matched to key processes and further evaluated in terms of their potential impact on business continuity. MIMS RM is designed to enable protection of the key processes of an enterprise and to share the necessary recovery information should an activation event occur.

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  • Capturing the organisational (and partnership) structure within which the process exists
  • Record risks (against each process) and detail its characteristics
  • MIMS RM includes the ability for all managers to contribute to business continuity programs as apart of their own risk management processes
  • Identify risks according to their business impact
  • Time to impact / halt / repair process
  • A range of ‘whistle blowing’ options may be included for exceptional risks
  • All risks are consolidated into a single register that can be filtered to select risks with common characteristics
  • Instantaneous analysis of the focused risks according the business impact
  • Measures to control the risks and mitigating actions are recorded and business continuity plans (and other electronic documents) may be attached
  • Improving actions are allocated to individuals and automatic aide memoires are provided by email
  • A range of standard reports and a bespoke reporting wizard are available
  • Reports may be exported in a range of formats including Excel and PDF
  • Should an activation event occur, then the continuity plan may be distributed to the appropriate team
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