Insurance & Claims

Claims Handling

MIMS claims management software supports claims handling from initial reserve to final settlement, including claims accounting and handling all participants in the claim (witnesses, solicitors, police etc.) producing automatic letters and progressing the claim via multiple work flow processes, diaries and action due reminders.

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  • Incident recording and analysis to the same level as claims management
  • Claims management from initial reserve to final settlement
    • Suited to all claim classes with intelligent prompting of fund / policy to use
    • Each claim is ‘funded’ at both reserve and cost levels against policy rules on a claim-by-claim basis split across a wide range of cost headings
    • Claims occurring over time can be handled via creation of a master claim with sub claims for each impacted year. Year by year apportionment can be freely allocated and each impacted year is funded as described in preceding bullet-point
  • Claimant details are captured together with details of all other parties to the claim – witnesses, solicitors, police etc.
  • Claims are auto-numbered and linked to organisation and, if appropriate, property
    • A full range of editable claims Analysis codes is included
  • Claim Progress Prompts for each Claim Group and Claims in Litigation
  • Work-flow Routines may be custom-built to meet multiple Claim Processes
    • Automatically send letters and emails
    • Includes all necessary diary items with auto-alert when due.
  • Includes all necessary diary items with auto-alert when due
  • Allows capture of all claim related correspondence
  • Full Audit Trail of all Cost and Reserve Updates
  • Management of Imprest Accounting Systems
  • Production of Nominal Ledger postings
    • Includes cheque production and Inter-Bank transfers.
  • Data Exchange with other company or partner systems
    • Includes automatic validation and programmed manipulation of data exchanged
  • Reports – a wide range of standard reports and a bespoke reporting Wizard
    • Reports may be exported in arrange of formats including Excel and PDF
  • Well proven routines are available to update MIMS following re-organisation, acquisition and disposal
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