MIMS H&S Benefits

Form Design – Productivity and Ease of use

After studying the extensive research that has been done into computer users completing forms, a sectioned layout with top-to-bottom flow and right-aligned labels was chosen, because productivity of users is a cost matter.

Save for later completion

  • An essential feature was the ability to save a partially completed form for editing and submission at a later date.


Conditional Sections

  • Many government / corporate forms have conditional sections (e.g. if you are A, miss out section 2) and go to section 3). On our forms, the user will only see the sections which apply to them.

Tooltip help

  • Every form field has a customisable help pop-up on mouse hover.


Cross-Browser Compatibility

  • Works in every modern browser (including mobile devices) and even supports MS IE7.
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  • Although full compliance testing with all of the different screen readers, braille devices, etc. is prohibitively expensive for anything but the very largest web deployments, our developers and designers are knowledgeable of the DDA and WAI-AIRA 1.1 practices.  We will always make a special effort to accommodate the specific needs of any client.


Many to One Relationship

  • For example, one incident may have many witnesses.  Users can add extra witness sections to the form at the click of a button.